Who We Are

ICOD Governing Body

  • Founder Member : Brother Gaston Dayanand

    President : Kajal Maity
    Secretary : Mamota Ghosh
    Vice President : Santa Ghosh 
    Asst. Secretary : Sarit Paul 
    Treasurer : Santanu Hajra
    Members : Marcus Toppo, Momina Khatun

Key Questions

You have left your country of birth more than 40 years ago and since then you devoted your life for the poor, destitute people of India, especially for such people in West Bengal. What was the reason behind such a strong desire to stay here, live here for ever?
Calcutta or Kolkata is known to the world as the 'City of Joy', courtesy Mr. Dominique Lapierre for his world class novel, City of Joy, which is based on a true story of your life and works at the Pilkhana slum in Howrah. Please tell us how you came across Mr. Lapierre?
You believe 'Being Invisible Is The Weapon To Do My Work'. We accept and regard this as a great principle to be followed by someone who wants to create a difference through his work. However, in a different shade of reality, a good number of people who would like to devote themselves to working, surprisingly do not know you and your work and are deprived from following a 'Living Legend'. Living in a world where there aren't many role model's to follow, is it not an injustice?
You have created and supported a number of NGOs which have devoted in the development of poor men and women. For the last 10 years you are moving on with a desire of Inter-religious Center Of Development (ICOD). What really hurt you and at the same time compelled you to build Inter-religious Center of Development? Why do you think the center needs to be based on religious harmony? What is your vision of human development?
How do you like to see ICOD in next 10 years, or in 20 years?
India has come a long way since independence, and stands on a strong economic foundation. How do the people in India, especially rich and well-to-do can extend their support in socio-economic development of the under-privileged people in India and other backward countries around the world?
There are a good number of NGOs working in India over the years for a variety of cause. What is your message to them? What is your message to the young children?