Event Details

Milan Mela

ICOD believes in creating a network of NGOs so that all such organizations can move forward in a collaborative environment. ICOD organizes a 'Milan Mela' where inmates from other NGOs get together with the ICOD family, enjoy a day full of fun, eat together and cherish their internal bonds.

Celebrating National Days

ICOD celebrates Independence Day (15 August), Republic Day (26 January), Gandhi Jayanti (2 October) and Rabindra Jayanti (25 Boisakh) with lot of enthusiasm among children, men and women. Rabindra Jayanti is celebrated through music and dance where the children showcase their talent which they nurture throughout the year under their music and dance teachers. 

Social and Religious Festivals at ICOD

Irrespective of individuals own religious faith all the members at ICOD celebrate religious events like Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja, Shivaratri, Good Friday, Eid-al-fitar, Holi. On the day of Good Friday, Brother Gaston Dayanand washes the feet of handicapped and old inmates, whereas the secretary washes the feet of mentally challenged women as a symbol of love and respect to them. Jamai Shosthi is a huge celebration at ICOD when all the married girls come with their husbands and children and spend a fun-filled day together.