• Providing total support and care to destitute, especially those found on the street, the orphan and the rejected
  • Creating a big family that belongs to the destitutes where they can spend their life in harmony
  • Maintaining an unpolluted environment and preserve/increase the bio-diversity of the place enabling all living creatures (animals, plants and people) to survive in peace
  • Creating an inter-religious platform where the members of all religions will be treated equally
  • To become a center for development of the abandoned, orphaned and downtrodded where they will be able to transform their lives and move towards 'mission independence'
  • Building an inter-NGO relationship for grass root level development and an integrated network for global-social interactions


We believe in 5 Fundamental Rights those are important for any individuals to live in this world 'where the mind is without fear and the head is held high'. This is even more important for the people who have begun or forced to begun their lives from 'nowhere'. ICOD has taken each of these 5 Rights as a thematic project and execute several activities to achieve their desired level. As ICOD cannot live in isolation and it also has a commitment to the society, so there is another project for 'Community Development' for the people in need who are living outside. Here is an overview of our 5+1 thematic projects at ICOD.

Right to Education

Proper education can only transform lives. Children at ICOD get education in nearby schools and also receive classroom coaching from in-house teachers. The center also offers free education to children at nearby villages. Children and elder persons can also get supplementary education in form of vocational training in tailoring, embroidery, painting, artworks etc.

Education at village schools
Regular Classroom Coaching Center
Vocational Training Center

Right to Good Health

Living in an unpolluted environment which is a protected ecological preserve full of bio-diversity is a precondition to sound health. ICOD offers congenial atmosphere to the residents along with food and health support. At ICOD right to good health is accomplished through

Bio diversity and ecological balance in pollution-free environment
Food & Nutrition in regular diet
In-house Dispensary (Healing Touch) & Hospitalization
Physiotherapy Unit

Right to Happy Living

Warmth of togetherness filled with love and compassion is the source of happy living. We believe it is one of our fundamental right to live and let live happily. At ICOD residents spend their days filled with

Festivals & Outings
Sports & Entertainment
Celebration (Achievements, Birthday, Marriage)

Right to Self-Reliance

ICOD focuses on mission independence for its inmates. As they have past imprints of various adversity it is important to infuse confidence on their own ability and help them to contribute to various income generating activities like

Animal Husbandry

Wishful Thinking

  1. Professional physiotherapy cum training to all our staff
  2. Expansion of house for our orphan girls
  3. Playground for children with sports amenities