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We are indebted to Dominique Lapierre (Dada and Didi); friends in 'Dominique Lapierre City of Joy Foundation' (DLCJF) - France, 'Fund for the Friends of Bengal' (FFB) - Geneva, Switzerland, 'AVTM (Help to the villages of Third World)' - Paris, France, 'Asha Bengal' - Switzerland, 'Indian Project' - France; Catherine et Denis Collomb - Lyons, France; Roberto Spada - Italy; Bernard Terneaud - France; Bernard Prieur - France; Alexander van Meerwijk - Netherlands; HOPE - Kolkata; 'Belari Polly Bikash Samiti' (BPBS) - Shyampur, Howrah; 'Asha Bhavan Center' (ABC) - Uluberia, Howrah; Md. Kamruddin and his United Brothers Association (UBA); Binoy Mondal - Boalia, Howrah and others.


This is for all those priviledged people out there who have been able to establish themselves in our society, you need to notice all the unfortunate people around you who are been forced to live a miserable life, at the time Of birth or during their journey with life. Many of you have shut your hearts but you can say "I Can Open Doors, ICOD."

Here are the ways to extend your support to the people in need

- If you are an individual or a corporate, Think about what you can offer - enthusiasm, expertise in a field, work skills, life skills or your affection and empathy for the children. Work out the time you can give and how often you would like to volunteer a few hours a day, a few days a week, or just a day or few days every month.

- If you are a student from streams like Psychology, Social Work, Law, Business Administration (HR, Marketing, Sales), Communications & PR and want to learn and gain on-the-job exposure to the not for profit sector, We invite you to stay with us for the internship program.

- Even If you aren't clear about what youd can offer, don't hesitate to ask questions. We can even work out an option that suits your time and skill.

Request you to tell us about you and how you can make a difference.





The journey from Inter-religious Community Of Destitute to Inter-reliegious Centre Of Development requires huge financial support. By donating a small portion of your hard earned money you can take part in the journey. When you make a financial contribution, share your invaluable expertise or provide infrastructure and other amenities, you ensure (1) our children and youth take a step towards brighter future, (2) Our associates who are physically challenged or mentally retarded take a step towards better living.
You may choose any of the following projects and specify your contribution using the form below -
Right to Home
Right to Education
Right to Good Health
Right to Happy Living
Right to Self Reliance

You can donate Rs 5,000 / Rs.10,000 / Rs.15,000 / Rs.20, 000 or higher and claim Tax Benefit under section 80G in India. Foreign National can donate in our FCRA Account. When you donate to our Corpus Fund we invest your money and only the interest accruing from the investment will be used in the projects, without touching the principal itself. This way your money remains forever and strengthens the organization.

Based on your interest, we will get back to you with Money Transfer options like Cheque/Draft, Online Transfer (FCRA, Non FCRA).

Corporate Social Responsibility

ICOD is committed to transform lives of abandoned, orphan and downtrodden men, women and children. The current set up at ICOD is a testimonial of what can be achieved in ten years when we commit ourselve to the cause with compassion, love and warmth. However all our effort might be a peanut to the wounds and damages to all the affected individuals. We believe, a responsible Corporate House can stand beside us with their passion to make a difference by sponsoring our projects or even asking us to take up new projects aligned with their CSR requirements. Professionals in the esteemed corporate houses with a passionate mind can offer their knowledge and expertise to mentor and guide our children towards a bright future.
ICOD will offer
  • Opportunity for corporates to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility mandate through our various partnership options
  • Employee and organisational engagement with our programmes
  • Complete transparency

A Corporate house can be engaged with us in numerous ways

Partner a program linked with our 5 Rights Projects
Corporate Engagements - Celebrate annual day or other day long events and excursions, Arrange soft skills workshops and training programs, Conduct in-kind donation drive for stationary, books, clothes, computers, toys etc.
Corporate Mentoring - Share expertise and create an opportunity for children to experience the corporate environment 
Payroll Giving - Hasle free monthly donation by employees towards their project of interest


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